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Corvid, LLC is a woman-owned small business with offices located in Anchorage, Alaska and Pocahontas, Arkansas. We offer our expertise in various aspects of environmental consulting, chemistry, quality, document development and review, audits, analytical data evaluation, and state and federal regulatory coordination.

Our Business Goal

Our goal is to generate the highest quality data needed to support critical decisions impacting the future of our environment.

Our Business Strengths


Chem istry

We provide the following chemistry expertise:

  • Laboratory subcontract management

  • Field and laboratory coordination

  • Data quality objectives

  • Develop Sampling and Analysis Plans, Quality Assurance Program and Project Plans, Field Sampling Plans, and the Uniform Federal Policy - Quality Assurance Plan

  • Waste characterization and management

  • CERCLA, SARA, RCRA, US EPA, TSCA, and Alaska DEC regulations

  • Qualified Environmental Professionals

  • Sampling and laboratory procedures

  • Analytical Data Management

  • Data Quality Objective Development


Data Quality Management

Data quality is key to generating legally defensible data presented in our reports. Our team of experts provide various levels of data review ranging from completeness checks to full validation of raw data. Our review process typically follows state and/or USEPA guidance and includes field as well as analytical laboratory documentation.



Site Characterization and Remediation

Our team has more than 33 years of environmental experience involving site characterization, investigations and remedial actions with 24 years working in Alaska. This experience involves the following:

  • Removal Actions and Groundwater Monitoring

  • Water Quality Monitoring

  • Fate and Transport

  • Stockpile Management

  • Drum Waste Characterization and Management

  • Insitu/Exsitu Remediation

  • Waste Management

  • Waste Water Treatment and Management

  • CQC

  • Projects all over Alaska to include remote, arctic, and Alaska native villages sites; USACE and AFCEC facilities; and sites in Southwest and on the Aleutian Islands.

  • Installation of Temporary and Permanent Groundwater Monitoring Wells

  • Management of Wetland Remediation Systems

  • Repair and Decommission Monitoring Wells and Insitu Systems


Laboratory and Field Audits

Audits are a critical aspect of generating quality and fully usable data; our senior chemist has over 33 years of experience participating in and leading environmental analytical laboratory audits for the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, commercial contractors, and upstream oil companies.  We provide both procurement and performance audits of environmental laboratories, and field audits to include field sampler training. 



Field Sampling

Understanding and following the selected procedure is critical in obtaining usable and defensible data. Our team of qualified samplers have experience in collection of multiple media types as follows:

  • Groundwater and surface water sampling utilizes specialized equipment and expertise to control flow, reduce impact to volatile compounds during collection, reduce interferences, and ensure the matrix being sampled is stable and represents the zone or area of interest. 

  • Lead-based paint sampling for characterization of building to determine disposal requirements (unregulated landfill vs RCRA regulated landfill), treatment (paint removal), demolition requirements (training, monitoring, dust control), Sampling options include on site screening or offsite testing for total lead or the toxicity characteristics leaching procedure.

  • Soil sampling methods are dependent upon multiple factors such as sample depth, location of contaminated area, soil matrix, etc. Sampling utilizes various methods such as shovels, spoons, hand augers, excavators, and drilling and follows the ADEC and EPA guidance documents.

  • Drum waste sampling techniques are dependent on location, condition of drum, owner knowledge, toxicity of contents, safe practices, logistics for transport, and disposal option. This may also involve characterization for profiling and generation of manifests.

  • Sediment sampling can be tricky since this matrix is beneath a water body such as a wetland, pond, river, etc. Another element to consider is the percent moisture in the sample since the lack of solid material elevates the method and reporting limits used to meet established cleanup limits or standards. Methods are established during the data quality objective phase to maximize ability to meet regulatory criteria.

  • Wipe samples are collected to characterize a surface area for chemicals such as PCBs. 

  • Field screening procedures are used to reduce cost and number of samples required for offsite testing and to meet state criteria.


Surface Water and Groundwater Monitoring

The fate and transport of contamination in soil is not always fully defined by soil analytical data and complete removal of contaminated soil cannot always be accomplished or may not be required. In some instances monitoring over long periods of time is required and data are compared to past results to evaluate natural attenuation and determine if and when the contamination will be reduced to an acceptable level. Groundwater and surface water sampling provides information for fate and transport evaluation as well as development of conceptual site models to evaluate pathways and receptors. Our team has experience collecting these samples at hundreds of sites under extreme environmental conditions and in areas with high security such as Joint Base Elmendorf- Fort Richardson and Fort Wainwright, In addition to monitoring groundwater, our team has supported many drinking water monitoring efforts.



Plans, Reports and Senior Review

Our experts develop quality documents reviewed and approved by state and federal regulators and Department of Defense, Department of the Army, Department of the Air Force, and Department of Energy agencies. Examples of some of the documents we generate are as follows:

  • Work Plans

  • Corrective Action Plans

  • Beneficial Reuse of Contaminated Soil Plans

  • Post Field Effort Reports

  • Decision Documents

  • Stockpile Management Plans


Business Information

  • SBA Certified Woman-Owned Small Business

  • NAICS Codes - 541620, 541380, and 541690

  • DUNS - 080548367

  • CAGE - 7YLD5

  • Additional Information found on SAM and SBA web sites

  • Key clients - Defense Logistics Agency, US Army, US Air Force, US Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska Department of Transportation


Please call us to learn more

1 (907) 223-7870

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